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Our foundation is built on creativity and commitment

For more than a decade, All The Right Tools has been building standout marketing programs for clients across North America.

Karen Major, CAS

Karen Major, All The Right Tools

Leading the crew is Karen Major, CAS, whose path to running her own business began while she was a sales representative for RCA Columbia Pictures. While she wore many hats at RCA, the area that received much of Karen’s enthusiasm was sourcing promotional products for RCA’s home video division. She would research the market, identify what was relevant for movie watchers and generate clever ideas to get distributors pumped about new releases. Karen had found her calling.

Karen’s career took her to a promotional products retailer, to a large distributor in Toronto, and eventually to The Gencom Group, a Toronto sales promotion agency. As Director of P & I, she developed targeted client programs that created demand and motivated their markets to take action.

In 2003, armed with all the right tools, Karen decided to launch her own business taking her clients into the “Major” leagues.

Karen is a member of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and Promotional Products Professionals of Canada (PPPC), and an affiliate of iPromoteU, which provides financial backing, resources and technology to promotions professionals.

Supported by iPromoteU, All the Right Tools is equipped to handle large, full-scale marketing programs with the greatest of ease. Karen also trained through Product Safety Aware, which means that clients have the added assurance of knowing that All The Right Tools deals with approved safety-certified factories, and understands the safety implications when dealing with product choices.

Clients of All The Right Tools know that their marketing program is in good hands. They know their programs are fresh and unique, relevant to their audience, research-based and results-focused. Most of all they know that the All The Right Tools team will go the extra mile to get the job done, right.

Are you ready to bring your next program to a higher level? We can’t wait to put our team and tools to work for you. Let’s get started today!

ATRT Crew Members

Paul Major

Paul Major

As “the glue that holds it all together” and part of the ATRT teams for the past 10 years.

Paul is continually at the ready to assist with program execution and to do what needs to be done. His extensive background in Sales Management comes in handy when working with our staff and supplier network.

Cliff Quicksell, MAS

Cliff Quicksell

Cliff is an author, speaker and champion of the promotions industry.

As marketing support for ATRT, Cliff asks all the right questions, keeps things on track and ensures that we construct the best creative program with the biggest results.

Catherine Kruse

Catherine Kruse

Catherine wrenches information from domestic and global suppliers to ensure they meet our rigid criteria.

Her close scrutiny and impeccable attention to detail protects our clients from potential buying hazards.

No supplier gets the “go” without her say-so!

Bob Schwei

Bob Schwei

The hard hat for “Head of Print” goes to Bob. He has the ability to find the right printer for every possible configuration, budgetary consideration and turnaround time.

If the job needs a press, Bob is our man.

"Great Ideas! Great Pricing! Great Service!
I have worked with Karen Major for over 19 years...consistently provide us with relevant and targeted promotional campaign ideas that helped us reach our overall objectives...highest level of customer service possible in ensuring that our requirements were met and our expectations exceeded." Donna Lange, Egg Farmers of Ontario