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Art of Business Gifting Tips to make yours the Best

Welcome to Winter!

The holiday season is right around the corner. Will you be ready?

You don’t have to wait until the holidays to send out business gifts, but seeing as it is the most popular time to do so, I have put together 5 tips to make it less stressful and enhance and build your business relationships.

1) Often clients wonder if they should even give gifts. Of course you should! Give gifts to all the people who make your company great.  Clients, employees and even certain service providers.   Keep in mind their involvement and direct impact on your success to determine an appropriate item. Whether it is a hand written card or a more elaborate personalized gift, your consideration will ensure a positive result.  Look for creative ways to “gift” within your corporate objectives.  Proper business gifting will ensure you say thank you in the most appropriate way and still build and enhance your client and employee relationships.

2) Know your recipient.  Is there something they are passionate about – If they love to golf a relevant golf gift may be perfect for them.

Does their company have any restrictions on the value of gifts received? No point giving a gift if it has to be returned. It becomes uncomfortable for both parties involved.

Do they celebrate Christmas.  Maybe a gift at a different time of year would be more thoughtful for them

3) Set a budget and buy the best quality you can within it.   A gift of quality and taste will be long appreciated after the gift is enjoyed.

If your company requires gifts to include company branding, Emily Post recommends the gift be well made, in tasteful colours, with understated logo so it doesn’t appear to be advertising.

Poor quality reflects on your company  Wherever possible, personalize the gift.  Everyone loves to receive something with their name or logo on it.  It shows forethought and consideration.

4) Package your gift so it stands out from the rest.  Holiday season is the prime time to give business gifts.  There is a high probability yours won’t be the only one received. Creative packaging ensures an instant smile upon receipt and long lasting memory.  A custom shape shipping carton will take precedence in the opening order. Or perhaps ribbon or paper branded with your company logo and message.  Personal delivery were possible not only allows for immediate thanks, but also allows for more elaborate packaging with big beautiful bows!

5) Shop early.  Ease the stress of holiday gifting by starting your process early.  By doing your planning and buying early in the season, you avoid the stress of rush decisions, out of stock situation with suppliers and costly courier delivery charges.  If you don’t have enough staff to handle the logistics, consider outsourcing this process.  Most companies that provide this service will ensure on time delivery and do the follow ups for you to ensure gifts were received.

Keep these tips in mind this holiday season and all year long. Gift with confidence.

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