Building Measurable Promotions


Case Study: Hard Hat Icon


To increase awareness of client’s website, specifically the Contractor Locator, by increasing hits by 10% in the month following the trade show

Strategy & Execution:

Hard Hat Stress key chainThe client was looking for something that would grab the attention of 7000 attendees specifically matched to the target audience. A bright yellow hardhat stress toy was chosen because it is the most recognizable construction icon.   The website was demonstrated online to attendees at which time they were given the hard hat toy. The toys were displayed in the booth is tall clear cylinders which added amazing impact to the booth visuals!


Hits to the website increased 22% the week immediately following the show and averaged 13% for the following 3 weeks

PPPC Bronze Image award winner

This was such a successful promotion for my client they repeated it for 3 consecutive shows and also added and hardhat stress key chain for their youth trade fairs.

Another client in the same industry, worked with us using this stress toy as an invitation to an inaugural industry event. To this day they still have clients who have this on their desk and talk about the invitation. Certainly their most memorable

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