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Canada 150It’s a great year to be Canadian. We will be celebrating Canada 150 with great events and unique experiences.  For me, it is also a great time as I have reached a milestone with 25 years in the promotional industry.  I have a few ways I’ll be celebrating this year as well. The first was to become a licensed provider of the Canada 150 brand. The ability to offer something this memorable as a co-branding opportunity I find very exciting and a great marketing tool for my clients.

The other major project I took on is a re-vamp, update and modernization of my logo and website and branding initiative.  Detailed, time consuming and thought provoking the experience has also been challenging, educational and fun.  I am so very pleased with the results and hope you are too.

With more than a few nudges, our marketing team has challenged me to start a blog.  I’ll be honest, I am not keen. I have never thought of myself as a wordsmith, but have agreed to take up the challenge. A couple times a month I’ll be digging into my toolbox to share industry tips and advice to assist in your day to day marketing efforts.

Here’s to a great year ahead.  I welcome your comments and opinions.

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